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By outsourcing your Accounts receivable function; you can concentrate on your core business because you know that your Accounts Receivable function is performed professionally, accurately and confidentially. We enable your company to derive measurable cost reductions and also benefits from a one-source solution for your accounts receivable function.

The detailed process envisages following functions:

  1. Scanning, Indexing and storing the Incoming Purchase Order in to a document DNA based on customer defined values.
  2. Scanning, Indexing and Storing the Proof Of Delivery (POD).
  3. Invoicing based on POD and mailing the invoice to your customers thru physical as well as electronic mailing system.
  4. Follow up for collections and receipts of payments and depositing the same in to your bank accounts.
  5. MIS Reports like:
    • Credit Rating of Customers
    • Debtors’ Ageing
    • Cash Inflow Projections
    • Collection Costs Analysis