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Chartered Accountants on the Board of Directors of the Company and long experience of chartered accountant’s practice, SPG Technologies can be an ideal outsourcing vendor, supporting client’s internal accounts department. Taking inputs from base records like Invoices, Cheque Book Counterfoils, paying in books and bank statements, we maintain accurate computerized accounts, which can constitute formal books of accounts of any business entity. CFOs and Accounts Managers across the globe have realized the benefits of an outsourced accounts department and how this solution can increase process automation, accelerate information flow and can relieve organization’s intellectual assets from cumbersome and time consuming accounting jobs and enable them to devote themselves more to strategic thinking, planning and decision making activities.

Specific Services under this category include:

  1. Preparation of Financial Statements like Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account.
  2. Complete Fixed Asset Accounting along with Depreciation Calculations.
  3. Preparation of Cash Flow Statements and Fund projections.
  4. Complete Information Provision through Management Accounting Tools like Ratio Analysis, Fund Flow Statements and Budgeting.
  5. Coordinating with External Auditors and getting the accounts audited and certified by them.
  6. Providing CMA data to banks and other external monitoring agencies.