The Outsourcing Evolution

The first and most traditional outsourcing approach was for a company to outsource discrete and most basic functions, such as document copying, scanning, microfilming, data entry, and other routine office tasks. As time progressed, the next evolution of outsourcing saw companies outsourcing complete processes to vendors. In these instances, a vendor would contract to buy all of a company’s assets and then hire the company’s employees to carry out the process. These relationships became defined as functional outsourcing and business process outsourcing (BPO).

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Currently, the outsourcing trend incorporates an innovative approach that has a company hire an Outsourcing Partner to carry out and optimize its back-office processes. This hybrid approach sees the Outsourcing Partner providing the automation technology, equipment, and labor needed to perform any back office operations. From the outside, users see one interface and a single integrated system. This strategy results in latest technology being implemented for client’s business at no extra cost and client being able to concentrate on his core competencies, while back office operations are handled by team of dedicated professionals.

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